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The primary registry recommended for the Mudi in the USA is the AKC FSS (American Kennel Club Foundation Stock Service). If your Mudi is not currently recorded with the AKC FSS, please read the following information and hopefully you will find the value of participating in the registry process. 

FSS is a listing service for rare breeds that the AKC has recognized as being in the process of working toward meeting the requirements of full AKC recognition.  The FSS strives to provide accurate record keeping and maintenance of pedigree and ownership records.  Upon the acceptance of the Mudi into the Herding group with full AKC recognition, the stud book will be closed (except for Mudis imported with the proper registration from FCI)  The AKC will be evaluating the number of Mudis recorded as part of the process toward full recognition.  The best time to include your Mudis in the records is now!
With the Mudi, the gene pool is already small and it will serve the breed well to be able to have access to as many breeding options as possible in the future.  This requires an effort to keep the paperwork current and completed for all dogs, imported and domestic. The application for recording your dog can be found at this link: 

When buying a Mudi, checking into the eligibility for recording into the AKC FSS is an item for the checklist.  Some breeders will have taken care of registering the litter before they are ready to go to their new homes and the new owner has only to sign the application, attach the fee and mail the paperwork to the AKC address indicated on the paperwork.

If a Mudi has not been recorded by its breeder and one or both parents are not recorded with the FSS, the dog may still be eligible for acceptance.  While the breed is at this stage, the AKC recognizes the registry UKC (United Kennel Club).  This is not typically the case. The dog is first registered with the UKC.  Then a copy of the pedigree and certificate on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of paper is sent along with the AKC FSS application, the fee, and two photographs of your Mudi, to the address of the AKC listed on the application. The photos are to be 3" x 5", one view of the full side of the dog and one of the front.  The photos are to be taken from the dog's level, not from above, looking down.  These photos do not need to be professional quality but should be clear, accurate, color depictions of your Mudi.

If your Mudi comes to you by way of import, the only difference in recording him/her with the FSS, is to include a copy of your FCI registration papers and copies of any other forms confirming the trip that the pup has made into the USA.  These directions can all be found on the FSS application.

If an error or omission has been made on a submitted application, you will be contacted, by email if an email address has been given. The AKC representatives are very helpful and ready to answer any questions you may have about the process.
The following registries are not recognized by the AKC.  Use of these registries is not recommended in any capacity.  The AKC will not accept any of these registration bodies into the AKC FSS.
ACA - American Canine Association
APR - American Puppy Registry
AMW - Archive of Merit Worldwide
ARBA - American Rare Breed Association Show organization and registry, you do not have to register with them to show, but they will only accept ARBA, UKC, FCI, and USBCorp registrations to show in their events and to collect an ARBA Championship.
CKC - Canine Kennel Club (do not confuse with Canadian Kennel Club) Show organization and registry, you do not have to register with them to show, but at one time you had to register with them to collect a CKC Championship.
CKC - Continental Kennel Club (do not confuse with Canadian Kennel Club)
DRA - Dog Registry of America
EKC - European Kennel Club
EKCHD - European Kennel Club Hungarian Division
FAC - Federation of Rare Breed
FIC - Federation of International Canines
FORB - Federation of Rare Breeds Show organization/registry, you must be registered with them to show in their events.
IABCA - International All Breed Canine Association Show organization/registry, you can show in their shows without registering with them, but if you must register with them to collect an IABCA Championship.
KKC - Krystal Kennel Club
NKC - National Kennel Club
NPBA - National Pet Breeders Association
NAPDR - North American Purebred Dog Registry
SKC - States Kennel Club Show organization/registry, you must be registered with them to show in their events.
UABR - United All Breed Registry
UAKC - United American Kennel Club
UCI - United Kennel Club International
UKC - Universal Kennel Club (do not confuse with United Kennel Club)
USKC - US Kennel Club
WWKC - World Wide Kennel Club