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In December of 2004 Mudi owners living in the US organized the MCA to promote, protect and preserve the growing Mudi population. The American Kennel Club (AKC) had recently agreed to maintain Mudi records of registrations and pedigrees from domestic and foreign Mudi breeders in their Foundation Stock Service (FSS) program. The FSS provides an independent system of record keeping for Mudi fanciers and gives fanciers the freedom to form clubs to promote the Mudi without the additional burden of record keeping. The Mudi Club of America incorporated May 4, 2011.

The Mudi is a rare herding breed from Hungary where it is still favored by shepherds to work sheep and cattle herds. In the United States the breed is extremely rare with a small number of fanciers. The Mudi is a breed that still has strong herding instinct.
We believe that while it is important to maintain the Mudi’s natural herding abilities, the breed is also very
versatile making it a contender in many active dog sports. Although most Mudi certainly show the ability to
perform as a herding dog, we realize not all owners have the opportunity in which to foster this herding instinct,
nor the means in which to expose their dog to sheep or cattle. We certainly do encourage any Mudi owner to have
a simple herding instinct test done with their dog. Some may find it will open new doors of opportunity for
themselves and their Mudi. Others may wish to target a sport like Agility or Flyball in which to unleash their Mudi’s
hidden talents.

We understand all Mudi owners have different criteria for why they prefer a Mudi as their companion. Not all Mudi
are destined to perform as a sheep or cattle dog, or as an Agility dog. As with all dogs (and their humans) the
temperaments are varied. Some Mudi are not content as a sole companion dog, nor do all Mudi have the intense
drive and level-headedness to excel as a reliable working dog. We seek to educate and assist owners with their
personal Mudi needs. Because we realize not all Mudi are suited for all individuals or families, we are here to help
in all areas of concern, thereby hopefully seeing the Mudi/human relationship evolve into a beautiful partnership.
Along with this we hope to assist with relocation of any Mudi should the Mudi/human relationship prove not a good

The Mudi in America needs caretakers to oversee the breed will grow slowly and carefully, insuring future fanciers
will enjoy the unique appearance and character of this wonderful little breed of dog. The MCA seeks to uphold the
three P’s - Promote, Protect, and Preserve.

In promoting the breed, we wish to show this breeds captivating characteristics which make it a wonderful
companion, herding or performance/working dog. We also wish to show the breeds unique appearance which
distinguishes it from other breeds.

In protecting the breed, we wish to impress upon fanciers the importance of education about the breed and
responsible Mudi ownership, thereby giving owners and their Mudi the possibility of reaching their maximum
potential. Through communication and education, we hope that fanciers will become well informed in all areas of
concern about the breed, thus insuring future generations will fall in the care of responsible knowledgeable
owners. Care must be taken to protect the breed from exploding in popularity, which would be detrimental to its

In preserving the breed, we wish to impress upon fanciers the importance of breeding healthy, sound, registerable
dogs. This can be done in part by utilizing the club’s guidelines and the breed standard. Other advanced
technologies may be considered as well, such as DNA testings or COI percentages to increase the chances of
healthy, good tempermented litters. Because the Mudi is a herding dog, our goal is to insure future generations
will retain their natural herding instinct, which in turn will transfer to a versatile working dog. Sound
temperaments and dogs that correctly personify their breed description in terms of conformation and character is
what we hope to preserve.

What the Members are saying:
"I belong to a National Club because I want the Mudi to succeed - not just my Mudi - the MUDI. I want to be a
part of a club that looks for answers to health problems, that pushes for better conditions for dogs, works to
help junior fanciers with their dogs, that makes the members stand by their puppies and looks out for the
wonderful breed I own. I want members to take pride in their dogs and if they don't - I want the parent club to
ask that they do."