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5th Annual National Specialty - September 25, 2015

Show Headquarters:   Leone Equestrians, Inc. - Pavilion,  Sacramento CA
1st Place

Kraig Bartel
& MudiRiver Moondancer Cascade
Fastest Mudi Race Photos
2nd Place

Laura Kinne
& Nyirsegfia Osci CA
R:  1st place Kraig with Indie
L: 2nd place Laura with Sketch
Judge:  Mrs. Leslie Earl
Best of Breed
MV's Baccus & Cynthia Protheroe
Best of Opposite Sex
Paul Landau & Tzolkin's Coatlicue Heaven OAL
Winners Dog / Best of Winners
Cris Dickinson & Hilarow Ma Lil' Skeeter Bug
Reserve Winners Dog
Mary Mytych & Irhaberki Kovasz
Winners Bitch
Rebecca Ingersoll & Hilarow Laz Twisted Hollofekete Lany
Reserve Winners Bitch
Laura Kinne & Hilarow Makes Me Blush
Judge's Education Seminar

Erika Kiss presented at the Judges Education Seminar
Judges Education Participants watching the Conformation Judging
Miscellaneous Photos
Welcome Bag given
to each participant
2015 National Specialty Confirmation Class Placing
Puppy Dogs - 4 to 6 months
1) Csudacifra Citeras (owner Mark Gross & Billy O'Callaghan)

Puppy Dogs - 6 to 12 months
1) Koves-Berci Betyar Kiralyfi (owner Susan Paulsen)

Bred-By Exhibitor Dogs
1) Hilarow Meet Mister Tibbs (owner Cynthia Protheroe)

Open Dogs
1) Hilarow Ma Lil' Skeeter Bug (owner Cris Dickinson)
2) Irhaberki Kovasz (owner Mary Mytych)
3) Nyirsegfia Osci CA (owner Laura Kinne)
4) Hilarow Letterman Days (owner LaLonnie & Greg O'Meara)
Irhaberki Karat Barat (Owner Linda Groesbeck)
Kiralytanyai Alaszka Kilo (owner Stacie Lordan)

Veteran Dogs
1) MV's Baccus RN AX AXJ AXP AJP CAX (owner Cynthia Protheroe)

Puppy Bitches - 4 to 6 months
1) Flyaway Brokat (owner Jeanine Marie Cowger)

Bred-By Exhibitor Bitches
1) Flyaway Becses (owner Mary Mytych)

Open Bitches
1) Hilarow Taz Twisted Hollofekete Lany (owner Rebecca Ingersoll)
2) Hilarow Makes Me Blush (owner Laura Kinne)
3) Irhaberki Gloria BN RA TD (owner Mary Mytych)
4) Mudiriver Moondancer Cascade (owner Kraig & Barbara Bartel)

Veteran Bitches
1) Tzolkin's Coatlicue Heaven OAJ (owner Paul Landau)

Best of Breed Competition
MudiRiver Moondancer Cruz CD AX AXJ OF